Want to Save Money on Your Electricity Bills?

Dodson Electric can help you cut your energy costs and make saving money on electricity a snap

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Putting your hard-earned money back in your pocket

Who wouldn't like to save hundreds of dollars a year on their energy bills? Here at Dodson Electric, we know how to find you the best rates. You get to leverage our 20 years of experience to cut down your energy bills without unplugging your favorite electronics and appliances. Click on the yellow button below to find the the best rates for your energy and save money:

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Save Money On Electricity

Tired of looking at your energy bill and wondering why it's costing you so much every single month? Frustrated that your energy bill is no longer as cheap you were promised by your provider at the very start? We get it. At Dodson Electric, we can help you use Ambit Energy to save money every single month on your energy bills. That's more money back to you — often hundreds per year — to spend on whatever you like.

  • Find the best energy rates in your city without sacrificing quality
  • Avoid price jumps and other practices companies use to earn more from you
  • Save hundreds of dollars per year on and cut back on your energy bills

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Start Your Own Business

How would you like to start your own energy business working with someone with 20 years of experience? With Ambit, you can start your own energy consulting business at no cost. You'll be able to go out on your own, find and win business, and even hire employees to work under you — all without the risk of using your own business model and instead using one that works.

  • Start your own consulting business with unlimited earning potential
  • Gain expertise and mentorship from Chris, who has over 20 years of industry experience
  • Make a positive impact by helping your community save their hard-earned money every month on their energy bills

Learn how to get paid for helping your friends & family

Energy Rates & Plans That Work For YOu

What are you waiting for? Dodson Electric's got the electricity expertise. Ambit's got the best rates for your location. Put two and two together, and we're going to help you take home more of your paycheck — instead of it being drained by your energy company. Click on the yellow button below and see the best rates in your location for residential energy:

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